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1. Whether the decision for admission at SRIDISHA taken by your family or by you was right or wrong?

99 % Inmates on discharge says that it was the right decision taken up by their family or themselves to undergo treatment at SHRIDISHA.

2. How do you feel about safety and security aspects at SRIDISHA?

97% of the inmates says that safety and security aspects are excellent at SHRIDISHA.

3. Do you have any complaint related to misbehaviour of the staff or inmate during the course of stay at SRIDISHA?

1OO% Inmates on discharge says they don’t have any complaint with staff or any peer inmate during the stay at SRIDISHA

4. What aspects do you like the best at SRIDISHA during your stay?

86 % of the Inmates says that it was a homely atmosphere, where they get loving care & support of staff/ volunteers.

5. Would you like to come for follow up regularly at SRIDISHA?

94% of the Inmate at the time of discharge expressed their commitment for follow-up visits.

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